Design and layout of the People’s Law Journal (vol.2) for Ndifuna Ukwazi – a non-profit activist organisation and law centre that combines research, organising and litigation in campaigns to advance urban land justice located in Cape Town, South Africa. This journal provided information on Rural Land Justice, covering land restitution and land rights.
For the journal, the client wanted the publication clean, ordered but not all together boring visually so to encourage the general public to read it. For the layout I chose to keep it quite traditional and stick within a three column grid mostly, only breaking that grid in various intervals throughout the publication. By implementing bold headings and pull quotes in yellow, as well as a few infographics to break the bulk of the text up, letting the eye and brain rest.
I was happy the way the final product turned out, the integration of images gave the book an overall more artistic flare like a coffee table book orate catalogue which I think in the end gave it the non-boring aspect for readers.
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